Ages It Is Possible To Be In A Regency Romance

An actual baby

A child

The young gentleman

A sweet girl (twelve)

A chit

A mere slip of a girl, with no right to dictate to me

An errant schoolgirl!

Still in the schoolroom

Barely out of the schoolroom


A schoolroom chit

With the air of the schoolroom still clinging to her

A callow youth

In her first season

Newly out

Nothing but a child – a gently-bred child!

Too old for a nurse, too young for a tutor, and bound for trouble

A mere schoolboy aping at worldliness

A Pretender of Fashion

A scrap of muslin

A Young Person

A girl of eighteen

A sensible girl

A sweet girl (twenty)

A man of fashion

A Corinthian

A girl on the catch

An accomplished flirt

A man of action and resource

A man of sense

A noted Corinthian

Exactly seven years out from the death of your intended (female)

A man of honour

An extremely wealthy young man

An uncle

An attractive widow

A fortune-hunter

A man of five-and-thirty

Exactly seven years out from the death of your intended (male)

Too old for schoolgirl notions about marriage

Long past the age of romance

On the shelf

Come now – much too young and pretty to call yourself on the shelf! You must marry!

A man of fifty

An experienced man of fifty

Old enough to be your father, brat!

Satisfied you have behaved with honour towards my granddaughter