Before To All The Boys I've Loved Before

One of the things that I love about my current relationship to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – which I have not seen – is seeing a number of people I love very dearly describe in tender, thrilled detail a number of moments that mean, as yet, absolutely nothing to me. I know I am going to delight in it the moment I start it; the house of love has already been built for me, and I need merely to use my key and take possession. I’m familiar with the character types and small moments of oh my GODDD everyone’s referencing, but the specifics are totally meaningless. It feels somewhat akin to hearing someone speak Italian and thinking, “Oh, I kind of speak Spanish, I bet I’ll understand this conversation.” You don’t, exactly (and by exactly I mean “at all”), but you’re pretty sure you know where things are heading. These are some of my favorite moments from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before right now, before I’ve seen it; ask me again after I’ve seen it and I’m sure they’ll change.

  • When Dean Kowalski finds Laura’s missing retainer but doesn’t say anything


  • Kia sharing her turkey sandwich without saying a word

  • When Dean rolls his sleeves up just a little bit, not quite to his elbow, but just enough for Laura to see his forearm vein pulsing with reassurance and quiet acceptance, and also the sleeves are waffle-print

  • The look on the face of the math teacher (the Russian from Sex and the City ) when he realizes Paul’s talking about MIT

  • That scene where Gregor pushes Kia’s drawer back in after she leaves the room and you realize that not only did he never even read her journal he just automatically looks for drawers to close when he leaves a room because he instinctively notices if something is left messy or unfinished and tends to it

  • the thing with the sandwich heel bread!!!

  • When Lucas Ochoa and Mary Channing arrive at the inn and find out there’s only one room available, and that room only has a single bed, and the roads ahead are already snowed in for the night

  • The scene where Noah Campion realizes he doesn’t have enough money to afford Janine’s Yakult and swipes it

  • MJ licking her teeth and smiling as soon as she closes the door