"Center Stage" Should Have Gotten a Two-Season TV Show Spinoff Back in 2000, Maybe With A Tie-In Deal With The Limited Too

  1. Clueless did, and it was a lot of fun

  2. I guess it was three seasons

  3. Remember that theme song?

  4. “She is literally the Polaroid of perfection / She has everything and she’ll give it to you in a second”




  8. Everyone was talking about Center Stage yesterday so I rewatched it and had a great time

  9. and I just really think there should have been a two-season spinoff that ran from 2000-2001

  10. It would have been cancelled shortly after 9/11 but before filming any episodes written after 9/11

  11. Most of the film’s cast would have returned for season 1, except for Amanda Schull, in the tradition of the Cher-changeup on Clueless

  12. Peter Gallagher would have appeared only four times, at the beginning and end of every season

  13. Oh shit, did you know the guy who dates Maureen — the pre-med guy who looks kind of like Paul Rudd — was the same guy who played Anders on that one episode of 30 Rock where Tina Fey sings the Joni Mitchell pastiche “Paints and Brushes”?

  14. Damn

  15. I didn’t know that

  16. Anyhow the TV show would have a lot of like, topical teen problems, but it would be very ensemble- and dance-focused still, so all their problems would have been dance-centered

  17. Absolutely there would have been a ton of ballet puns and jokes in the script

  18. Like too many probably

  19. Theme song by Mandy Moore

  20. Outro music by Jamiroquai

  21. Remember the Sweet Valley High TV show too?

  22. And like, different famous dancers would show up for different episodes, to teach the kids life lessons and dance moves

  23. It’s nuts that I still can’t touch my toes

  24. I was in middle school when that movie came out and I would watch it all the time on VHS at my friend Emily’s and it always made me wish I could dance but I couldn’t even touch my toes so I’d watch it while trying to touch my toes in her living room and I still can’t

  25. Also when I was like, 11 and watching this movie, I’d feel totally superior to that naif Jodi, making Cooper cookies and thinking he was her boyfriend (“WHAT A NAIF”)…just this incredibly world-weary 11-year-old trying to touch his toes and pretending he knows how to get your boss to turn into your boyfriend

  26. Maybe the TV show could have had a “dance-along-at-home” sequence every episode

  27. UPN, maybe, or WB

  28. I don’t know, I just think I would really have enjoyed it

  29. I don’t want it to be on the air now, it’s too late for that, but I wish that I had spent some time watching a Center Stage TV show in middle school, I guess

  30. Thanks for your time!

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