Doing Something You Dislike? Have You Tried Paying Less Attention?

Are you doing something you dislike but don’t want to admit it? Have you tried doing it but paying less attention? That’s the secret of the inside brain; you can strike and picket your own moves for relaxation or a break. 

Perks include: 

  • hm? yes, absolutely

  • can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man

  • imagine a swordfight between two tall men, booted and spurred

  • Buy and wear expensive clothes, many of, mentally

  • can’t get yelled at with your Yes Face on

  • brain is a horse eating oats

  • everything’s privacy

  • it’s twenty years later

  • too many feelings trigger the Isolation Dome

  • secretly the agreement king of everything

  • not my fault

  • maybe people will call you “bookish”

  • I just work here

  • most conversational work done for you as long as you ask questions and then maintain steady but non-intrusive levels of eye contact while retreating to your mind palace

Downsides include: 

  • you’re not paying attention

  • where are you

  • you’re going to have to do this again later

  • might get yelled at

  • brain has to go outside sometimes

  • everyone else is paying attention and you’re behind

  • that was today?

  • sexual experience doesn’t really count due to Body Fog

  • whatever you agreed to last month is happening now

  • man, what?

  • Outside Storming The Gates Of Privacy Castle

  • someone wrote it down

  • one sec hang on

  • imaginary swordfight’s over and now it’s twenty years later