Friends of the Shatner Chatner! As many of you know, I bumped up against the TinyLetter subscriber limit a number of months ago, and I've been looking for a place to take the Chatner that can accommodate our swelling throng (insert appropriate hermit crab anecdote here). I have found such a place, and will be moving over there in the days to come! I do hope you will join me. The next TinyLetter-based Shatner Chatner will have, in addition to some of your regularly scheduled content, information on how to sign up for the new version, so keep watching the skies.

Also, today is my thirty-first birthday. Please quietly sing the song Bart and Michael Jackson wrote for Lisa in Stark Raving Dad, and replace the word "Lisa" with "Mallory," but pronounce my name in such a way that everything still scans.