I Fed My Dog A Quail Egg

Because it's the smallest kind of egg, and he's the smallest kind of dog

Hey I just wanted you to know: Yesterday me and my good friend Ben got some quail eggs, because dogs usually like eggs, but my dog is really small, so it seems like he should have the smallest egg available, and there’s a place down the road that sells quail eggs, so things really just proceeded from there.

We got really hung up on the suggested Google searches for “can dogs eat quail eggs,” which included Do dogs know to be gentle with babies?, What dogs can hold an egg in their mouth?, Why do dogs know to be gentle with babies?', What happens if you put an egg in a dog’s mouth?, and Why are dogs careful with eggs?

And then, you know, as promised, here’s how it went trying to feed him the egg (very little amount):

So we had to break it in half for him. 3.6 pounds, half a quail’s egg, tough time. Have a great rest of your day, please.