Imagine drawing a tiny little whale

“Oh, what’s that? Is that a tiny little whale? Dude, were you just drawing a tiny little whale?”

Oh, no, it’s nothing, really. Sorry, haha! I didn’t mean to interrupt or anything. Keep going, please.

“It is a tiny little whale! Did you draw this?”

haha I guess so. I wasn’t even thinking about it. Sometimes I just draw a tiny little whale. I don’t really know why

“This is such a tiny little whale. Do you mind if I show _____?”

Oh my gosh, it’s really not anything. I don’t want to pull focus! I wasn’t doing it so anyone would notice, it’s just a tiny little whale I sometimes draw for myself

“You guys, can you come take a look at this for a minute?”

ahhhhahahaha nooo!

[Various voices saying things like “Yeah, what’s up?” and “Okay” and “Okay for sure” and “okay for sure no worries one sec coming over”]

“Oh my gosh.”

“Is this a tiny little whale I’m looking at?”

“Who drew this?”

“Do you know who drew this?”

“Do you guys know who drew this?”

“Does anybody know who drew this tiny little whale?”

“Look at the little guy!”

“Is it real?”

“No, it’s a drawing of a whale. See?”

“Right, but is it a real drawing, what I’m looking at?”

“Who did this?”


“You did this? You drew this little guy?”

yeah I guess so

“Oh my gosh, when?”

“Yeah, when?”

“when did this happen”

pretty recently now

“I can’t believe you drew this little whale”

“Was he always here?”

no I just drew him

“I just think it’s so much.”

“I really agree.”

“I want to tell other people about this”

“I just can’t believe you drew a tiny little whale”

yeah sometimes I draw a tiny little whale, but it’s not a big deal

“We’re not bothering him, right?”

“Or you? We’re not bothering either of you?”

no not at all, I’m just glad it doesn’t bother you

“He’s not a bother!!!”

oh my gosh no I didn’t mean to suggest he was

“This is so important”

“So you just drew this tiny little whale? That’s what happened?”

yeah pretty much

“I’ve got to call somebody. Is that okay?”

I guess so

“Hey everybody, can we pause this for a second? There’s a tiny little whale. No, a drawing. Yeah, it’s really little. It’s a whale, but a really little one. Tiny. Tiny little whale. Yeah, he just drew it. I guess he does this sometimes”

“People need to know about this.”

“I totally agree.”

“Did you have to — how did this happen? Is it allowed? Did someone teach you? How did this happen to you?”

honestly you guys I really don’t know, I’m sorry I don’t have better answers for you, sometimes I just draw a tiny little whale

“Just a tiny little whale? You draw it?”

yeah that’s basically it


“Yeah wow”

“Wow okay”

“Thank you so much for telling us a little bit about him”

“Yeah, thank you”

“Thank you so much, honestly”

“Can I look at him again?”

yeah absolutely you can look at him as much as you want

“He’s such a tiny little guy”


“But he’s also a real whale”

“Oh yeah, absolutely, that’s important”

“He’s so important to me”

“I want to look at him again. Do you think that’s okay?”

I think that would be okay

“Hey everybody, how’s it going in here—oh whoa. Am I looking at what I think I’m looking at? Is that a tiny little whale?”

“Yeah, it’s a tiny little whale. He just drew it.”

“He drew a tiny little whale? Is everything okay?”

“I think so. Don’t you think so?”

“I mean, now that you say it — it feels okay. Yeah. I think it is okay.”