Joan Didion Discovers Susan Sontag And Lesbianism

“My very nearly dear friend Anna Wintour! It’s me, mostly Joan Didion. Recently I’ve been made aware of Susan Sontag, a camera surrounded by scarves that achieved sentience in 1971, immediately whereafter it invented lesbianism. Pauline Kael, you’ll recall, gave lesbianism a terrible review later that year in the New York Times, and the two of them never spoke again, or before. I wanted your advice. I’m throwing a dinner party this evening for very sharply dressed New York women who are dead, and I wanted to know if you thought it would be a mistake to invite them both.

If you think so, I’ll instead spend the afternoon as I originally planned: very slowly buying every glove in the world. I await your response with eagerness and fashion in my heart. Joan Didion.”