Meet Bon-Bon

Look at this little guy.

He’s a genius, he’s Saint Anthony, he’s the rascal son of Murphy, he loves to be very awake at 4 in the morning, he is absolutely terrified of outside but is bold as brass about chewing my laptop cord, lacks object permanence but pretty solid about using a puppy pad, quacks regularly, Bon-Bon short for Casaubon, WHEN Tristan had come back to Orri's hut, and had loosened his heavy pilgrim's cape, he saw clearly in his heart that it was time to keep his oath to King Mark and to fly the land.

Three days yet he tarried, because he could not drag himself away from that earth, but on the fourth day he thanked the woodman, and said to Gorvenal:

"Master, the hour is come."

And he went into Wales, into the land of the great Duke Gilain, who was young, powerful and frank in spirit, and welcomed him nobly as a god-sent guest.

And he did everything to give him honour and joy; but he found that neither adventure, nor feast could soothe what Tristan suffered.

One day, as he sat by the young Duke's side his spirit weighed upon him so that not knowing it he groaned, and the Duke, to soothe him, ordered into his private room, a fairy thing, which pleased his eyes when he was sad and relieved his own heart; it was a dog and the varlets brought it in to him, and they put it upon a table there. Now this dog was a fairy dog, and came from the Duke of Avalon; for a fairy had given it him as a love-gift, and no one can well describe its kind or beauty. And it bore at its neck, hung to a little chain of gold, a little bell; and that tinkled so gaily, and so clear and so soft, that as Tristan heard it, he was soothed, and his anguish melted away, and he forgot all that he had suffered for the Queen; for such was the virtue of the bell and such its property: that whosoever heard it, he lost all pain. And as Tristan stroked the little fairy thing, the dog that took away his sorrow, he saw how delicate it was and fine, and how it bad soft hair like samite, and he thought how good a gift it would make for the Queen, hell yeah.