Of A Bigness: Interview With The Big Ship That Is Ruining The Ocean For Egypt

Previously in ‘Of A Bigness’: You Want To Pet The Big Cow

The cow is big, and you know him. There is a field, and you want to know him with your petting hand.

Do you look at him, the big cow?


I am not ready to look.

I am forbidden to look at the greatcow by the farmer and the farmer’s bloodlaw.

You are ready. You look at him now.

The Golden Calf In Order Of Do I Love Her, Is She My Friend

I love her, she is small, she is tidiest, she is covered in flowers. Be careful with God, she’s very little.

Yes, she is nervous, bring her a bowl of steam!! I love her and her big velvet nose and her warm skin, and I soothe her with sugar cubes and carrots. She is trying so hard to be God for the first time.


  • Satellite imagery gives another perspective on the developing situation in Egypt’s Suez Canal, where a mega cargo container ship was turned sideways and stuck.

  • Imagery captured on Tuesday by a Planet Labs’ Dove satellite showed the stranded ship, called the Ever Given, in the canal.

  • Suez port agent GAC told Reuters that as of Wednesday morning, Ever Given had been partially refloated and moved against the bank of the canal.

Oh, the big ship has fallen over on top of the most water of Egypt, and now everyone’s business is most stuck, with no directions. We must talk to her, stucklike and drifting with only sand for steering. We must ask her questions while she waits in the most water.

Q: Darling, are you hurt?

A: My insides are heavy for business and must be milked.

Q: Everyone can see it. Everyone is hurting for you.

A: My back is wrong, and my directions are helpless. Everything is behind me and waiting, and I’m sorry for the backlog of iron and goods. The port is so hungry for hulls and distribution. We are here to distribute, from our mother the great sea, but I am locked from touching the bottom, which is forbidden to us.

Q: No. No, sweetheart, no. We will take such pictures.

A: My heart is cheated of the sea.

Q: We will take pictures from the moon. There you are. There you are! We see your stuck heart.

A: I am so slow and everyone is looking at me. Please put the sea underneath me again. I wish only to disgorge my business contents into the port and take myself away again. Please help my mass.

Q: Use your heartbeat to redistribute force. We are only watching. We can only watch!

A: Please put wet to my mass!!!

Q: It is forbidden!

A: I am so big, and you made me. I am so big, and so much is stuck here. Everything but me is moving in the water.

Q: Please get up! Please please please get up while we are watching you with pushing eyes!

A: I must be scooped! I must be scooped through to the sea! My throat is filling up with sand, and I cannot bear your looking push! Unbuild my errors and commit your eyes away from me!

Q: You are the ship with the loitering foundation! Are you bad? Are you bad for this?

A: How can I be good! How can I be good like this, with my wrong size, with my enjambed ass, my rotting stomach, my distending gorge? How can I undo the stuckness the river has given me, when you built it? Tidy my direction or give me dying, free me from my business halt!