Other Things The New York Times Has Said About Binding

Most of the binding is done by hand. It looks better done by hand, last longer, takes longer—usually three months because it is done in England—and it costs more. Machine binding, usually done here, takes one month,” Mr. Stair pointed out.

—Leather Binding Can Make Gifts More Personal, OCTOBER 2, 1964

The binding of Isaac begins when God addresses Abraham, commanding him to sacrifice Isaac. We know that hearing this command doesn’t stand for the highest manifestation of prophecy attested by the Bible: Hearing God is, according to Maimonides’s taxonomy, an inferior prophetic degree. Certainly it isn’t what Maimonides had in mind when evoking the binding to exemplify the “highest of the degrees of the prophets,” which consists in the appearance of an angel. Indeed, it is only later in Genesis that an angel appears to Abraham — when commanding him to stop the sacrifice.”

The Politics of the Binding of Isaac, JANUARY 14, 2014

Recorded speech, usually muffled or distorted beyond discernibility, served as binding material throughout most of the roughly half-hour piece. Snatches of conversation and children’s laughter surfaced through washes of electronic hiss, tactile glitches and pops and long, isolated notes plucked on an autoharp.”

Binding the Sounds of the Earth, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013

General Binding, which also makes binding and laminating products, said Ibico would continue to market its products under its own name. The closely held Ibico is expected to have 1997 revenues of $110 million.”


Few people are aware that in the bridal gown industry, it’s considered standard practice to sign a binding contract before purchasing a wedding dress, just as one would with a house or a car. These contracts often include clauses regarding weight gain or loss, holding brides financially responsible should they require alterations before the big day, which can cost up to thousands of dollars.”

For Wedding Dresses, Truly Binding Contracts, JULY 14, 2016

Emanuel E. Zeltser, the subject of the accompanying story, has argued that a profile of him is unfair because The Times agreed to use him as an anonymous source after he was quoted in an Aug. 20, 1999, story about the money laundering investigation involving the Bank of New York.

But Mr. Zeltser was repeatedly reminded that the agreement would be honored only as long as he did not muddy the reporting process with lies or false documentation.”

—How Confidentiality Ceases to Be Binding, JANUARY 17, 2000

A new ski binding designed with a sliding heel is in the wings for the downhill ski market next season.

A major aim of any ski-binding manufacturer is to make a device that reduces injuries. Raichle Molitor, the 140-year-old Austrian company of Tyrolia products, has added a claim of better performance on the slopes with its new Free Flex binding.”

ON YOUR OWN; A New Ski Binding, JANUARY 30, 1989

“Amtrak and a union representing more than 300 locomotive engineers today agreed to binding arbitration to settle a dispute that had threatened earlier to paralyze passenger and freight traffic in the Northeast.

John Jacobsen, an Amtrak spokesman, announced the agreement after daylong talks today focusing on jurisdiction over the operation of a mobile crane in a freight yard in Bear, Del.

'‘Amtrak and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers agreed to submit the grievance to binding arbitration,’ Mr. Jacobsen said. ‘The strike threat is over.’ He said the arbitrator would be Jacob Seidenberg, a nationally recognized labor figure.”

—AROUND THE NATION; Amtrak and Union Agree On Binding Arbitration, MAY 14, 1986

So it’s not all bad!