Reprimands At My Transmasculine Finishing School, In Order of Severity

Previously: Daily Etiquette From Madam Pendleton’s Finishing School for Wayward and Transsexual Boys. “If you must detransition, do not ask anyone else at the table if they would like to detransition with you; simply say “Excuse me,” detransition quietly and in private, then rejoin the remaining guests when coffee is served.”

Sometimes we are simply too unremarkable to merit notice, Calendar. It’s a poor craftsman who blames transfeminine hypervisibility for his own listless personality.

Do my ears deceive me, or has Bensonhurst blamed yet another faux pas on his ‘female socialization’? Do that again, Bensonhurst, and I’ll take it as evidence that you’ve truly given up on being socialized now, and are unfit to mix in gracious company. Can everyone hear me? Bensonhurst does not believe we are socializing at all, merely grazing in the same field by pure coincidence, like cattle. I shall alert the dancing-master at once. We are none of us socializing!

Yes, I heard you the first time you called it T4T vibes. Have you anything else to say on the subject, any thoughts you would care to elaborate on? Or would you simply like to repeat yourself a third time?

Another callout, Simonious? You have not, then, considered the possibility that other forms of human interaction are possible? Then by all means, proceed.

Perhaps Salerius would find it a more productive use of his limited free time to contemplate a second selfie angle than to continue on with this train of thought.

It is not mandatory that the transmasculine only read young adult novels, Celestiant. One is perfectly free to occasionally attempt a book written for the general public, and at no more expense than Gee Whiz I Fell In Love With The President’s Son, either.

Never ask gender to do the work whiteness was previously doing, Fennwether; the distribution of load-bearing structures is entirely different and you’re going to crack the foundation of something you’ll need later.

The rest of the class will simply have to endure another day without hearing your unabridged thoughts about whether gender is a spectrum, Herculositron. If they were able to manage yesterday, I have full confidence they will make it through today somehow.

Posting about cringe is cringe, Heppenstall. Kindly refrain from saying the first embarrassing thing that comes to mind.

Florals? On a short-sleeved button-up? Groundbreaking.