Steely Dan Participation Generator

You are a member of Steely Dan! Your name is:

Norbert “Polecat” Haberman

Robert “Footstep” Deacon

Gunnar “Pitfox” Hart-Davies

Carl “It’s Carl” Calthorpe

Theodore “Operator” Oakley

Reinhart “Prairie Dog” Alderdice

Jim “Skunk Hat” Rhazmanthius

Oswald “The Hesitator” Brickman

Jasper “Swamp Gas” Underwood

Rutger “Archetype” Oldswaller

Wallace “Collaboration Rascal” Garfunkel

Lars “Possum Foot” Armstrong

Martin “Lookout” Landry

Harold “Raffles the Gentleman Thief” Steppenwolf-Portrero

Fergus “Mythology” Sternhelm

Leopold “The Fisher King” Tennermartin

Bruce “The Bruce” Dippstein

It’s your first turn to sing a line in a Steely Dan song! Quick, sing the following:

“He just smiled and took my hat”

“The bag is sinking lower than the ramblers can believe”

“The girl with the Mata Hari laugh is gonna sue the saxophone”

“Careful, ‘cos I think the operator knows the name she saw”

“Harbor on, Quartermaster — the Queen of Alexandria’s still faster”

“Ostentatious, goodness gracious, was the straw hat that you wore”

“That logic was alabaster-sound, I could tell you’d take the freeways down”

“I do intend, oh yes I do intend, to shake the clock direct”

“Take the friendly scam to dinner, the aesthetic of the tease, hibernate inside the automat, teach the Dutch to earn their sleaze”

“Ask the catastrophe to catechize you, friend”

“Just take that hombre to the lounge”

“Let Clare Quilty take the wheel next, I’ll adapt him as I please”

“Marsupial complications”

“Give directions to the Golden Horde and tell them how they won”

“Long as you know the hotel detective’s skill”

“Where’s that anachronism from?”

“The scar from wheeler-dealing, kept a fellow on his face”

“Tremble out of luck, my friend, try again in Custer’s shoes”

You’ve been kicked out of Steely Dan! What is the name of your next album, and how bitterly resentful is it?

Fossil Town, extremely

Examine The Alacrity, extremely

Administration Chronicles, extremely

Heavy Discount, extremely

Rebound Effect, extremely

Mister Trombone, extremely

Let The Creeps Out, extremely

False Pregnancy Observer, extremely

Follow Titus, extremely

Stock the Vineyard, extremely

Elusive Porcupine Habits, extremely

Lease the Circus, extremely

Citizen Existence, extremely

Flank the Cousins, extremely

Delusion Occasion, extremely

All Sales Final, extremely

Cattlemaster, extremely