The Confrontation From Les Miserables But The Lyrics Are Increasingly Just The Phrase "A Loaf Of Bread"

Now bring me prisoner 24601

Your time is up and your parole’s begun

You know what that means?

Yes — it means I’m free

No! It means you get your yellow ticket-of-leave

You are a thief!

I stole a loaf of bread.

You robbed a house!

I stole a loaf of bread.

My sister’s child, a loaf of bread

And we were starving —

You will starve again

Unless you learn to steal a loaf of bread…

Before you say another word, Javert

Before you chain me up like a slave again

Listen to me! I once stole a loaf of bread

This woman leaves behind a suffering loaf

There is none but me who can intercede

In mercy’s name, three days a loaf of bread

Then I’ll return, I pledge my word

Then loaf of bread —

You must loaf my bread!

I’ve hunted you across the years

Men like you can loaf of bread

A man loaf of bread

Believe of me what you will (men like you have stolen bread)
There is a duty that I'm sworn to do (men like me have never bread)
You know nothing of my life (loaf, 24601)
All I did was steal some bread (my duty’s to the bread)
You know nothing of the bread (you have no bread)
You would sooner see me dead (come with me 24601)
But not before I see this justice done (now the loaf has turned around, Jean Valjean has no bread now)
I am warning you Javert (dare you talk to me of crime)
I'm a stronger man for bread (I’m the bread you had to loaf)
There is power in me yet (every man is stealing bread)
My loaf is not yet bread (every man is here in France)

You know nothing of Javert!
This song’s taking place in France
French men call their bread dough choux
Bread’s not got by happenstance—

etc, etc, and so on.