The Mosquito-Eater: A Monologue

Previously, I guess.

Oh! Oh! Okay. Okay. Oh! Okay. Okay – mm. I love the WALL. Bump it. Yes. Bump the wall again. Good. My favorite direction to fly is BUMP. Yes. Pause. Bump. Wait. Yes. I want to get LARGE. I want to bump THE WALL. I want to LIVE on the WALL like a THIN HAND. Yes and thank you. Yes. Hm.

You didn’t SEE me before. You saw me. I was smaller then. I didn’t have - uh - the WALL. I just want to rest here a minute. Okay. Oh! Up here. A little higher on the WALL. I just waited until you were ASLEEP and then I was BORN and then I UNFOLDED and then I went up your WALL (bedroom WALL) and I’m bumping. BUMPing. Trying to BUMP. Into more of the wall. Okay. Okay! BUMP. I bumped again. It makes the littlest sound. Bump bump bump. Hi. Hi! Are you - AWAKE now? I was making the littlest sound again and again. Bump. The WALL. I’ll climb it UP again.

I wonder. Okay! Oh. I wonder what it would be like. BUMP. To bump into your HAIR. I wonder what it would be like in your HAIR. I don’t know. BUMP. I’m - slow. SLOW. Bump. I bump down, slow. Slow down the wall. Towards your HAIR. I want to BUMP it. Mm. To drift in your HAIR. So much to BUMP into. A strand of hair for every leg. Whoops. There - up. Okay. Okay! My legs your hair. Hello. I want to be CLOSE. I want the WALL. Bump. I want the LIGHT. Bump. I want to BUMP. Bump. I - whoops - whoa. I want to VISIT your HAIR.

I hope they TOLD you I’m HARMLESS. I hope they - BUMP - told you. Let me - BUMP - visit. Oh! Okay. BOUNCE/BUMP/BOUNCE. I have so many brothers and sisters in the world, all LEGS. We want to BUNDLE. We want to BUNDLE UP and BUMP THE WALLS. Okay? HARMless. Here we come. Bump, bump bump.