The Rules of Trans Chess

Queens are kings and kings are queens (obviously), but when one player’s pawn reaches the other player’s back row it has to be replaced with a backgammon piece

Knights can only move backwards, rooks can only move in circles

If one bishop moves, all bishops move; this is called synchronized prelacy

Middle row on both sides populated by invisible Borgia pieces, which can’t move but can poison the piece directly in front of them; both players still have to do the work of individually cancelling one another’s Borgias out

Check is illegal

Every move is checkmate

Pawns now supported by a booster row of light infantry

Additional pieces include dragoons, Hessians, imperial guards (which are not allowed to attack), Angevins (which can only move in French), Aethelred the Unready (cursed piece, cannot move), Waltzin’ Empress Matilda, the White Company of John Hawkwood (must move as a collective), brigands, highwaymen, Dauphins, longbowmen (only allowed to resolve the Hundred Years’ War, cannot attack queens-as-kings), trebuchets, Scotsmen, caliphs, El Cid (as long as El Cid remains in play both players must remain standing), M.C. Escher stairs, the Order of Indulgences, Witchfinder General, Witchloser General, optional Vikings, a deer park sanctuary, the King’s hangsman, the King’s deer, the White Hind, the Grail and the Lance, popes and antipopes, and Prester John.