The Sexiest Lines From "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" Gracefully Compiled For You

The Neilson translation, not the movie, which looks like fun but I am skeptical of Dev Patel, whose performance on Skins was so astonishingly bad and oafish I will likely hold it against him until I die. But it’s sexy!! Have the courage to make a softcore Sir Gawain!

This King lay royally at Camelot at Christmas tide with many fine lords, the best of men, all the rich brethren of the Round Table, with right rich revel and careless mirth.

“By Gog,” quoth the green knight, “Sir Gawain, it delights me that I am to get at thy fist what I have requested here….To tell the truth, after I have received thy tap, and thou hast smitten me well, I shall promptly inform thee of my house and my home and mine own name. Take now thy grim tool to thee and let us see how thou knockest.”

“Gladly sir, for sooth,” quoth Gawain as he strokes his axe.

The green knight on the ground prepared himself properly. With the head a little bowed he disclosed the flesh. His long, lovely locks he laid over his crown, and let the naked nape of his neck show for the blow.

Then said Gawain, “Indeed, be it as you like, I shall kiss at your commandment as becomes a knight.” She comes nearer at that and takes him in her arms; stoops graciously down and kisses the man. They courteously entrust each other to Christ. She goes forth at the door without more ado, and then he goes to his meat, behaving always courteously, and makes merry all day till the bright moon rises. Never was a hero fairer entertained by two such worthy dames, the other and the younger. Much disport they make together.”

Afterwards they slit the slot, seized the arber, cut it free with a sharp knife, and tied it up. Next they cut down along the four limbs and rent off the hide; then they opened the belly, took out the paunch, cutting eargerly, and laid aside the knot.

Lightly he lifts his axe and lets the edge come down fairly on the bare neck. Yet though he smote rudely, it hurt him but little; only cut him on one side. The sharp bit reached the flesh through the fair fat, so that the bright blood shot over his shoulders to the earth. And when the hero saw the blood glint on the snow, he leaped forth more than a spear’s length, eagerly seized his helm, cast it on his head, threw his shoulders under his fair shield, pulled out a bright sword and fiercely spoke. Never in this world since he was born of his mother was he half so blithe.

“Now know I well thy kisses, and thy virtues also. And as for the wooing of my wife, I managed it myself.”

That other brave man stood a great while in a study; so stricken was he for grief that he groaned within. All the blood of his breast rushed to his face, and he shrank for shame when the warrior talked…“Let me but please you now, and after I shall beware.”