The Shatner Chatner has moved

Friends! As promised, here is the new home for the Shatner Chatner:

A while back I bumped up against TinyLetter's subscriber limit, and I've been looking for a place to move the Chatner ever since. I'd considered switching to MailChimp, but you have to pay for that service, and the idea of paying to write a newsletter seemed counterproductive. (Even I know that! "Well, I used to write for money on The Toast, and then I started a free newsletter, and then I started paying to write the newsletter, and now I...yeah, I see how that's not smart.") 

I'm going to be spending a little more time on the Chatner in the future, which I'm pretty jazzed about, so there are a couple of subscriber options.

If you want to enjoy it without paying anything, you can just visit whenever you like; there will be four free issues a month, and the archive will always be viewable.

You can subscribe for $5 a month/$50 a year, and get all the free stuff plus an additional weekly issue delivered to your inbox. You will also help to keep me in Joan and Anna wigs so I can keep finding excuses to say "Sacramento" in a weird voice. If you'd like to subscribe but $5/month is prohibitive, there's a support link where you can get in touch and we can figure something out on a sliding scale. 

That's all, I suppose! Thank you so much for being a part of this TinyLetter; if you've enjoyed reading for free but don't wish to sail on to Paywall Island, I totally understand – thanks for reading, and enjoy *gestures vaguely around* being online. Though our time together here was brief, I will never forget it.