Things I Have In Common With My New Best Friends, The Cartoon Raccoons From "Pom Poko"

that’s transmasculine style, baby!

  • A mostly-friendly but sometimes cheerfully antagonistic (i.e. drumming) relationship with my own belly

  • “Too fun-loving and too fond of tasty treats to be a real threat, unlike foxes and other shape-shifters”

  • Able to use “illusion science” to transform

  • “Occasionally wear clothes”

  • “tend to assume cartoon-like form when doing something outlandish or whimsical”

  • Euphemised in a North American context, e.g. “raccoon pouch”

  • Resentful towards suburbanization

  • Tendency to quickly forget whatever I’m mad about

  • Tendency to quickly forget whatever I was planning on doing earlier in the day

  • Easily persuaded by charming men voiced by Dietrich Bader

  • Easily commanded by persuasive women like Tress MacNeille

  • “A visual style vacillating between poetic realism and comic cartoonishness”

  • Usual strategy for dealing with problems is “hope I forget them”

  • Temporary victories often amount to nothing

  • Plan on becoming an extremely stylish, ostentatious old man

  • Energy drinks will solve my problems!!!

  • When bored of work, will look for holes in walls to jump into so I can run away and scrounge for edible garbage