When I'm At The Dentist I'm A Big Beautiful Horse

When I’m at the dentist, I’m a big beautiful horse, mouth soft, snort to show spiritedness restrained, teeth out for human reasons, which are not my reasons

  • Horse reasons are slow

  • nicker for reassurance of human fluttering

  • slowing down everyone to Horse Time with my big gentleness

  • neck Velvet on purpose

  • I am not worried

  • I am all of the outdoors in your soft chair

  • I know where the bull keeps to his pasture and I distance him

  • prod away with your teeth-hands as you scrabble knowledge from my good big mouth, big enough to hold you and your family

  • big stomach full of grass

  • no Modernism in my head

  • lift shoes politely

  • sturdy for going up mountains later

  • Necessary for field

  • running big for freedom

  • Patient for understanding, slow for sitting, restful mouth for asking

  • Stern with a pony for teaching how sit still, how dentist, how teeth

  • I hold back my big strength for you to look

  • Your quickness is from hurry, my quickness is from ready

  • aware of surroundings

  • grass patience

  • Eyelashes so long for the horse

  • You may all come and look at the horse, and help the horse, and goodbye

  • People are dentist but a horse is horse

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