You are going. To go back in time. and eat the seven wonders of the world

“Bring back the seven wonders of the world so I can eat them,” you say, mouth awash with your Chewing Juices. Yes. The mists of time gather around your table and you are swirlen backwards through the great bumping clock of Happening.

The seven wonders were the best. They were big, and there were the most of them, so much. There were as many of them as there were the moon, which is plenty. Long time ago they were big and bulging everywhere, then they were lists, and soon they will fill the inside of your mouth for eating. Let’s go back in time to eat the seven wonders of the world.

Here is the lighthouse of Alexandria. “We are here to eat art,” you say politely. You put your legs in the sea and start from the bottom, eating up towards God. You are swelling with art and light, ballooning with lighthouse. All of Egypt is laughing and happy, but crying. The Ptolemys are running away to their ships. It is the tallest honeycomb, and you crunch it. You have eaten the longest thing, and the sea is all lit up in confusion. Goodbye to Egypt; the light was big here and you swallowed it.

Here is the Colossus of Rhodes. Lick carvings of stone! Lick thin bronze plates! Lick rivets and iron bars, lick white marble! Lick and lick and lick and lick and ensalt yourself. Empty the harbor of statue, and eat up!

Here is the statue of Zeus. Become the big, healthy boy. You are eating it. You are eating it! It is the fifth century AD and you are eating him up, on his cedar throne! Eat the dark brows, the massive head, the olive sprays and gilded robes and chryselephantine lilies! Eat, eat, eat! You have a god-hunger now, and there will be nothing left when you put all the best art in your stomach!

Here is the great pyramid of Giza. Crunch her! Crunch her into tomby bits and swallow the puffed arms of the dead!

Here is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. “I am here to EAT,” you announce. “There has already been some eating, and my teeth are ready for more. I am the future! The future is hungry! The future is here! The future came back in time to eat the seven wonders of the world! Do you understand?”

Here is the temple of Artemis. She is the big house for the god-woman, but she can be eaten! Sculpture is the smoothest food!

Here are the hanging gardens of Babylon. yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YES. Now is the time for the most food! Now is the time for all of it to be eaten! Lower them from the sky and dangle them into your mouth! Eat tiers, eat terraces, eat irrigation, eat cubits of greenflesh! Eat the deep soil! Drink aqueducts and canals, let the gardeners come tilting with their rakes into your gullet! Open the gate of the gods and cronch it! You are here to eat the hanging gardens of Babylon, because they are art and art is food! Eat the pleasure-walks of the world-king, the wonder for all people! Dim the world with your eatings!!!!

“Thank you, time,” you say. “Now everything has been eaten, and all art hides inside my many bellies.” You ate the art, you did a good job, and a light from the Nile shines full inside you.