Anna Wintour, Lord Of Misrule

Transcript: “Joan Didion! Anna Wintour here. Wishing you a very happy Season of Misrule in the days leading up to Yuletide. As you know, I like to celebrate this season by doing things both whimsical and terrifying. This year, I have stolen the hair from Graydon Carter’s head, as well as his first three – and most important – memories. I have no doubt he will be here for them quite soon. Yes, we have been fighting since well before the world was new, and we will fight long after the world is gone. Between Graydon and myself the fight has ever been long, until one or both of us finds the Cosmic Egg. When he arrives, I assume we shall fight according to the rules when last we met in 1978. He gets the editorial columnists from the

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