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I just wanted to say I'm sorry you are both dealing with this--Grace as the target of this crap, and Danny as the person who obviously loves his wife and is also hurt and angered, I'm sure, by the hatred and the ugliness. I just find it heart-wrenching how many people have to spew hate when what they're feeling is confusion or possibly an amorphous threat they are feeling that they don't understand, so have to beat it back with a stick or...what? Be overcome by it, or ignore it, or god forbid have a world where adult humans can just live their adult human lives with love and dignity and laundry detergent and all of it?

I have two young adult daughters, one of whom identifies as queer, and what that means for her is an evolving thing. I don't always understand where she is at every moment, but I do understand my job is to love and support her no matter what, and respect her right to define who she is. I also feel like it is none of business, mostly, except hope that she is safe and happy-ish, and everyone else in the world--it's just none of my business.

It is nobody else's right, or privilege, or law, to get to say who another human is, even if that human is your child, and even less so if that human is a total stranger to you who is just living their life and expressing their opinions and trying to raise awareness for others. I wish you both peace and love and a good holiday season, and keep fighting the good fight and try not to let the bastards get you down.

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