Housekeeping the Chatner

Just a brief note today on a few changes you can expect from the Chatner in 2021! When stay-at-home orders went out last March, I made all posts available without a paid subscription, ditto for the commenting system, and had hoped to do so for the reminder of the pandemic. Almost a year later, I find myself in the position of needing to modify that system, although I hope to do so with as few “The pizza party is canceled; there was never any pizza party” vibes as possible. While online harassment in general, and transphobic harassment in particular, are not new to me, the frequency, scale, and scope of such harassment has been ticking up in the last few months, including attempts from my harassers to subscribe conversion therapists and anti-trans Christian to my newsletter, increasingly detailed and personal threats, and lurid sexual fantasies about my estranged relatives.

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