I'm Sorry, I Can't, I Have Female Socialization

  • [Faking an injury to get out of the rest of a soccer game, falling to the ground, wincing] OW! MY GIRLHOOD!

  • I mean, I’m sorry if that’s how my female socialization made you feel…

  • Oh, don’t mind her — that’s my female socialization — she does that to everyone. Don’t you, girl? Don’t you do that to everyone? Who’s a good female socialization? You’re a good female socialization!

  • Sorry, do you have anything else? I can’t eat this — it interacts with my female socialization.

  • Sorry about earlier. I had a pretty tough time in math class in 2003, so.

  • I’d love to come out with you guys tonight, but my female socialization is flaring up. Have fun without me!!

  • Well, that’s not very female socialization of you.

  • Oh gosh, I’m so sorry — did I get any of my female socialization on you? Hang on, let me get a towel — I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there —

    [A very socialized thanks to Mattie Lubchansky for the Jeff Foxworthy bit.]