Pill, did you remember?

did you remember your pills? The stages of trying to remember if you remembered your pills

Oh, did you remember pill?

A. Which

B. I am standing in front of pills, of which some

C. Pill is in pocket, no?

D. Pill….?

Remember pill now

A. No, now is yogurt

B. Pill with tea later

C. Is this first tea or later tea?

D. Pill is for leftover nightstand water


A. Stand in front of closet, remembering

B. Pockets?

C. Is tongue burned? If tongue burned, pill finished, burned tongue taking pill; if tongue normal (redfathealthy), no pill, tea forgotten

D. New pill?


A. Hm?

B. Mm?

C. Hm?

D. Hm?

Check pockets

A. Yes? For?

B. Pills on table!! Pills on table!!

C. Pills out of bottle not for taking, pills in bottle are for saving

D. Check yesterday


A. Which pills?

B. Which when?

C. Which tea?

D. Which tongue?

No, which when?

A. Accident

B. Lost

C. Took

D. Fine


A. Pills fine working

B. Pills gone nothing

C. Pills yes just now

D. Pills later did you

Did you remember pill?

A. When?

B. Remember twice

C. Remember happening

D. Isn’t now

Feel normal?

A. Bad test for pill

B. How yesterday went

C. Bad stomach good brain

D. Good stomach bad brain

E. Pill stomach

Goodbye questions, hello memory