Room Temperatures, In Order Of Moral Laxity

Previously in this series: Dinnertimes in order of moral laxity. 60° Permissable for brief bursts in extreme circumstances, for example upon arriving home after forgetting to leave the windows open on a summer day so the entire living room has a whole pent-up afternoon’s worth of stale sun-heat that needs to be ironed out before you can even imagine doing the dishes. Think of it like one of those old-fashioned skin-care rules, like how your grandmother recommends ending a shower with a few seconds of ice-cold water to brace your pores. It’s not the same as letting the shower run cold the entire time – you’ve still got plenty of comfort remaining to you – but it’s invigorating, ennobling, opens up the sinuses and the heart to new possibilities. A temperature you could finally solve a murder mystery by.

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