Sumerian Anxiety Dream

*bolts upright, panicking in cuneiform*

  • I forgot to meticulously track the next eclipse!

  • I forgot to corroborate my archives with Mycenaean pottery!

  • Did I file Enmebaragesi with the rulers of Kish, or with the client-kings of Uruk?

  • I forgot to rotate the pictograms into abstracted glyphs, c. 2600 BCE!

  • Did I remember to reintroduce determinative signs to reduce ambiguity?

  • Did I remember to break everything into fragments, so you can’t read any of the narratives without running into a long section like:



sendwards to [disputed]



  • Did I remember to rotate all the wedge-tipped pictographs 90 degrees for unknown reasons before the Akkadian period??

  • Did I remember to lament the ruins of Ur?

  • Did I describe the crisis brought on by the advent of the Sea Peoples from […] and the collapse of […] in incredibly vague terms, remembering to shed almost no light on the causes of the Bronze Age Collapse?

  • I forgot to explain how to use inclined planes to reduce the stages of brick-drying that make […] possible!

  • ….[missing]….Lukka?

  • ….seven….[fragment missing]be aware of them who

  • Did I…

  • these transgressions [indecipherable]…when your messenger arrived…?

  • [fragment missing] May you know it! May you know it!

  • …a small canal…the Kassites…[canoe?]

  • ….beat the mayor to death…[fragment ends abruptly]

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