That One Type Of TV Show I Will Always, Always Watch

You know the ones I mean! Where the cashmere and wigs budget is $Infinity and it’s just a sea of Wives, the immutable class of WIVES, who are learning things they didn’t want to know about their money husbands, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know, is there something you’re not telling me?? I have to know, If You’re Keeping Something From Me I’ll Become The Baltic Sea. Where did the money come from. Did you hurt her. Did you know her. Why did you lie about the cufflinks!! I’m sure nothing is wrong. But everything is wrong!! We are wives, and we are so many, and we have outlandish celebrity wigs, and we trusted everything for eight years, eighteen years, forty years, Charles, and now we don’t trust anything. Prestige!!!! Wrists denoting wealth! These accessories mean nothing to me if I can’t trust my bad, melting husband!

What The Wives Knew

What The Wives Are Learning

Big Little Wives

Wives In Wigs Finding Out

Didn’t You, Charles?

Oh, Charles, You Didn’t

Charles, You Shouldn’t Have

Look Your Wife In The Eye And Lie

My Husband Didn’t


Charles Would Never

I’m Smiling But Not Because I Want To

Charles, You’re Embarrassing Me In Front Of All My Friends

Charles, You’re Hurting Me

Our Bad Husbands

We’re Not Friends We Just Have Adjoining Mansions, Never Forget That

We’re Not Friends We’re Just Both On Snack Rotation At Mount Olympus Montessori

We’re Not Friends We Just Both Look Good In Cashmere

Sweaters, Together

This Preschool Is So Expensive And I Don’t Have Any Friends

Riding The Penthouse Elevator To The Floor Of Truth

What Don’t I Know, Husband?

Rotten Balloons

Everyone’s Famous And Nobody’s Happy

Our House Is Made Of Windows So Why Can’t I See Inside

Trouble Oaks

Walk-In Closet, Walk-Out Wife

Wife Town, Wife Frown

Bad News From The Infinity Pool

Oh, Linda Cardellini Has A Good Part In This One

My Husband, My Bank, My Enemy

Where Did She Go, Charles? There Used To Be More Wives Here

Wives Want Answers

All The Wives Are Watching You

Twelve Different Money

Wife Eyes Are Big For Looking

Husband Eyes Are Small For Avoiding

Smooth Wife, Troubled Life

What’s In My Husband’s Pockets?

My Husband, My Hometown, My Anhedonia

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