The Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Bear Expanded Universe

SleepyTime Bear (chamomile, resting, hearthiness, cat proximity, nightshirtedness. Good for relaxation and a mild sleep aid.)

Rolling-Pin Matron (theobromine, mud mask, hair curlers, bathrobe, hostility, pies missing, underappreciated, husband won’t make dinner reservations, jumping up and down. Good for shouting and hands on hips.)

Stuffy Doorman (chicory, eyes closed, epaulets, big awning for importance, eyes closed from smugness, sneaking past him, white gloves. Good for decreasing concentration.)

Wolf Watching Burlesque Show (Cayenne, cicely, white tablecloth, flashy suit, beautiful lady on stage, eyeballs long, little mustache. Good for awoogah, eye expansion, strong heartbeat.)

Father Reading Newspaper (Rooibos, hmm?, ask your mother, occasionally flicking pages, sure thing, busy with father numbers, it’s all right by me. Good for avoiding focus, newspaper.)

Goat Eating Tin Can (dandelion, chewing, placid. Good for being goat eating tin can, simple happiness.)

Angry Chef (fennel, comfrey, pots bubbling, holding two knives, not impressed with soup, lifting lid for surprise. Good for agitation [causing].)

Tomcat (isinglass, wandering on fencepost under full moon, yowling, thrown boot with lines behind it to denote movement, insousiance, nearby trash can, one whisker crooked. Good for insomnia [causing], promiscuity, stealing fish.)

Psychoanalyst Bear (Cinnamon, glasses, soft couch, vulnerability, inquisitiveness. Good for hmm? Say more about that.)