What's Good About Les raboteurs de parquet

It’s the art with the floor in it

What’s good of it is:

  • good big men triangles

  • careful good

  • stretching good

  • little French balconies like at Mimi’s restaurants, little balconies too small for people but good for looking, breakfast-sized furniture

  • good morning time

  • early enough to feel brisk, not so early to feel asleep

  • good like a long cat of a tired length

  • art is big peaceful yawn

  • sloughing

  • I would like a big apartment like this one

  • bodies are for straight lines heads are for tilting in gentle conversation

  • feels homosexual (male)

  • floor makes wood confetti with scraping

  • reminds me to do posture stretches

  • nice house

  • nice house

  • looks like a nice house

  • house looks nice

  • lunch is coming later with a jug

  • when I look at it I’m another triangle, scraping opposite

  • when I look at it it’s my house, I’m resting

  • when I look at it I’m the boss, saying looks good in here, things are looking good

  • things are looking good here

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