Point: Look at that. I want it

Counterpoint: But there’s so much food at home that you hate

Point: It makes good for my eyes to look at it. Want it

Counterpoint: Think of all the terrible bad food, the little squeezed grains, the little globs, and make them

Point: I want this now

Counterpoint: No….instead go all the way home and do a bunch of work so you can eat something worse in an hour

Point: I want good, soft, available, now, grasping, friends at table, nice and good, helping, society, flow of day, good city direction, clock full of yes in it

Counterpoint: You have so many responsibilities in the fridge. You made the promise to the bad hard meals of the future.

Point: The fridge is not here

Counterpoint: Think of the fridge, carry it always with you for calculating and saying goodbye to lunch. Go home and put the work into the bad things for your food

Point: I hate the fridge. He is full of work for me and bad rubbish. He is a big cold mouth full of brown spots and his everything is no good.

Counterpoint: You put the ruin in him

Point: No!!!!

Counterpoint: Think of all the horrible food you bought to spoil today. The fridge is brimmed up with presents you wrapped for your wrongmouth. Now it is is the birthday of time’s intention. Open it.

Point: The fridge holds the bad secrets inside to spoil at me. I don’t LIKE IT

Counterpoint: Then why did you buy them

Point: Everything was different then. They were not bad yet. They are spoiled fish hearts now, and no good for the hunger a body makes.

Counterpoint: The fridge is full of lopsided children looking mommleward to you and the choices of your head. Everything in the fridge is sour and there’s so much of it.

Point: I want to stay here

Counterpoint: You cannot be here. There is the cold tower full of responsibility to think of

Point: Please, I hate it. I froze my wrongs

Counterpoint: Yes, fridge is bad. But fridge is here, and yours, and must.

Point: Fridge

Counterpoint: Yes, fridge

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