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Marcus Aurelius Prepares For The New Year

A Series Of Increasingly Obscure Forgotten Brontë Siblings

It's the end of the world up here

Persuasion, or: Those Assholes

Gentlemen! My Ward!

Details I Would Pepper Into The Background Of My Regency-Era Romance To Trick Readers Into Thinking I Had A Thorough Understanding Of The Period When In Fact It's Just A 400-Year Jumble Of Half-Remembered Facts From AP European History

I don't understand the Wars of the Roses

Anna Wintour, Lord Of Misrule

Frasier Episode Descriptions I Dreamed Last Night

The Shatner Chatner has moved


Coming December 7th...

People's Sexiest Man Alive

I'm not attracted to Jeff Goldblum and I'm not sure I'll ever finish quitting smoking

You're Norman Mailer! Can you make it out of this cocktail party without stabbing your wife?

okay so

Middlemarch but with werewolves, but not ABOUT werewolves


Movie Yelling with Mallory

A podcast about someone who didn't get murdered

The Boxcar Children, Part III

Things I Have Yelled At My Television, Which Cannot Hear Me, While Watching Grantchester

The Boxcar Children, Part II: The Road

Everything what's wrong of succulents

The Boxcar Children


Joan Didion and Anna Wintour

there are always Australians wherever you go and A.A. Milne isn't public domain

Mary Shelley knows how not to get a book published

Duckie from Pretty in Pink is a beautiful lesbian and I can prove it with the intensity of my feelings

"oh it's almost TOO rich"

"i wish we had the Toast back for a minute just so we could come up with fifty all-girl cover band names"

my sister & Jenny Holzer & sandwiches

The least chill guy at Ultimate Frisbee

andrew lloyd webber sends a text message (OR the adventures of webbsy and steve)

this hoodie almost fits me, plus an update

I just saw the series finale of the Golden Girls for the first time but accidentally thought it was an episode from season two and was not emotionally prepared

A moratorium on villainous eating

Evelyn Waugh eats the bananas

Mark Ronson's hubris and my problem with almost-singing men

I owe Philip Roth an apology

"I love your vibe" and other things I've said to men

some jokes I have privately thought were funny to myself

A message from Reformed theologian John Calvin to my dog Murphy, who I suspect is not a member of the elect

Captain James T. Kirk is a beautiful lesbian and I contend daily with my feelings

"I felt like Salieri, or a dog watching TV: furious and hostile and confused": Bellowing about trees with Sondheim