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The Well-Adjusted Mister Ripley

Foreign Policy, Bell v. Tavistock, and Grace Lavery

Available Items In My Alchemical Shop, In Order Of Potency

"I Heard It's Not Even That Good for Guys": Another Round Table Between the Trans Men Who Don't Want Anything

Kafka's Metamorphosis But The Other Samsas Are All Empaths

I'm Nicole Kidman – I'm A Married Woman – I'm Your Troubled Wife – I Have A Question For You – Wait, Wait A Minute, Wait Just A Minute – I Need To THINK –

Children's Classics with Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria: Pippi Longstocking

"Women Were Sexier When"

How That Lesbian Christmas Movie Would Have Ended If You'd All Had Your Way, You Philistines

There Are So Many Of Us In Here And God We've Always Wanted To Be Pigs

Now That It's Almost The Holidays There Better Not Be Any Borrowers In My Damn Apartment

An Exchange: Getting Sir'ed, Monkey's Paw Edition

Caves Are A Suitable Replacement For Heaven

The Boxcar Children Get A Visit From A Relative

Oh, Look At Me, I'm A Scottish Border Ballad

What's Good About Les raboteurs de parquet

Stone Butch Biloxi Blues

Men I Am Nothing Like: An Ongoing Series

Highlights For Queers Presents: Goofus and Gallant In Good T4T / Bad T4T

A Word Cloud From My Bestselling Christian Fitness Series That Never Was

The Confrontation From Les Miserables But The Lyrics Are Increasingly Just The Phrase "A Loaf Of Bread"

Open Thread

Demosthenes' First Philippic

Just David Lynch Flying Through The Warm Shallow Waters Of The Panthalassic Ocean, 250 Million Years Before You Were Born

Sumerian Anxiety Dream

King Food I Want To Eat

Wild Nights Are Not Your Glory: A Disappointing Visit From Mrs. Whatsit

Oh, No, George! Why –– I Just Happened To Be In The Neighborhood

My Horrible Treatment For The Inevitable Film Adaptation Of That One "Save The Children From Becoming Trans Men" Book: Do It Father Of The Bride Style

How To Kill A Man, According To Amadeus

Every Time Someone Dresses Like A Boy In Daphne Du Maurier

That USS Indianapolis Scene From "Jaws" But It's The Boys In The Band

"In Case I Have To Go Off T Someday"

The Boxcar Children: A Word Problem

How I Would Open My Letters, As A Frenchman And The Son Of A Man With High Hopes

My Short Story, "The Prodigal Son" Is Now Available For Free, Read By The Author

Alec Guinness And The Biggest Eyeglasses In The World: Yet More Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Observations

What Watching "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" Feels Like

The Laughter Of These Masked Revelers Begins To Grow Grotesque

Steely Dan Participation Generator

Welcome To The Big-Deal Sci-Fi Future, Where The Wildest Dreams Take Flight And It Turns Out Your Chromosomes Were Right All Along

I'm Patrick Wilson. I'm Your Skeptical Husband. I'm -- Well, I'm Just Not So Sure About All Of This

Things Crossing Guards Have Said To Me About My Dog

At Last – A Book With My Name On It

You Are A Fifteenth-Century Flemish Painting. What Is Your Name?

To "To A Skylark"

When I'm At The Dentist I'm A Big Beautiful Horse

Just Gonna Point at Things and Say If They're Liminal or Not

The British School System, As I Understand It

Untitled Molt Game: I am the horrible bug that lives in the town

Bible Verses Best Paraphrased As "Hey, Is It Cool If I Bring My Boyfriend"

The Golden Calf in Art, In Order of Do I Love Her, Is She My Best Friend

You Are Not Getting A Pizza Party

I Fed My Dog A Quail Egg

Things Italian Men Of A Certain Age Have Said To Me About My Dog

Top Guys Have Dark Moods // Something For Your Stomach: All The Food That Does Not Satisfy in the First Season of The Sopranos

Man Of Green Gables / Anne With A "He"

Carmela Soprano and Husband-Ham

Which Misconception About Testosterone Therapy Does Each Character From The Popular TV Show "The Sopranos" Subscribe To?

My Boy Bill, I Will See That He's Named After Me

"Yes, But Is It T4T?"

How August Works, or: The Seasons

Meet Bon-Bon

An Interview About Transition and Vocation For Natalie Portman's Book Club

Kristin Chenoweth and Allison Janney Bring You "Withnail and I"

How To Play Chess

How To Read A Book

I'm Going Back In Time To Force-Femme George Eliot

Things I Imagine Lyndon Baines Johnson Might Have Called Me Had We Met Prior To My Transition: Part Of A Series Of Maladaptive Fantasies, "Fawning to Cope," and Sublimating Violence With Folksiness

Hesiod's Catalogue of Women

Talkin' Genre: A Conversation with Grace Lavery on The West Wing

The Talented Mr. Ripley and the Second Mrs. de Winter

Hannibal vs. Jane Eyre, part II

Will Graham v. Jane Eyre, Part II-1/2

Will Graham Vs. Jane Eyre: Standoff at the Organ of Veneration

Hannibal, Lucille Bluth, And The Best Bad Mommy Money Can Buy

On Finally Watching HANNIBAL

"Then hunger did what sorrow could not do": Happy Father's Day From Count Ugolino and his Sons in the Tower

The Family of Elkanah

Ezekiel and the Bones

Ezekiel and the Wheels

Is Flesh A Problem Or An Opportunity In The Eyes Of God: An Excerpt

Things I Believe Instinctively And Also Incorrectly

A Letter From Joanne

This Week's Mostly-Indoors Report

How's Today, Today?

An Excerpt From "Something That May Shock and Discredit You": The Opposite of Baptism

On Being Fed

Finally Watching "Company"

The "Something That May Shock and Discredit You" Not-In-Person Book Tour Continues: What I'm Reading

The Best Thing About Very Old Recipes

Hello, Doctor, My Brain Is Clicking

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Badly

Possibly-Explicable Things People Sometimes Say About Cooking Beans

Absolutely Inexplicable Things Commonly Said About Veggie Burgers

The Great Thing About The Movie "Amadeus" Is It's Just "What If Spock Absolutely Hated Kirk And Killed Him"

"Center Stage" Should Have Gotten a Two-Season TV Show Spinoff Back in 2000, Maybe With A Tie-In Deal With The Limited Too

The Prodigal Parable of the Son

Dirtbag Christina Rossetti

Frasier Devouring His Goth Son

Now You See Me: The Greatest Possible Movie Michael Scott Could Have Written While Remaining Plausibly True To Type

What's Well Now

Say, What This Show Needs Is --

Pill, did you remember?

Every Episode of Prime Suspect

How's Today, Today?

"It's Not A Sex Thing": The Chaste 'n' Plucky Heroine, Thwarted Again

Ernst Lubitsch's "The O.C."

Please, I Cannot Compile This Spreadsheet, For I Am A Smooth-Skinned Goatherd

Name Your 1920s Smash Movie Hit

Psst – Hey, Kid...Wanna Cut Your Tits Off?

Things No One Says After Being Introduced On British Quiz Shows

"I Think You Should Leave": The Only Shirt With A Tugging Knob and The Transmasculine Circle Jerk

"Why Should I Change My Name? He's The One Who Sucks"

How To Win Any Argument By Retreating Into Your Mind Palace

Things I Have In Common With My New Best Friends, The Cartoon Raccoons From "Pom Poko"

Talkin' Hermits with Pop Tarot

How To Play Video Games, Part II

Kate Bush's "Mr. Sandman"

Emma From "Emma" Discusses Women's Pajamas

James Bond and Trans Women: A Chat With Grace Lavery About Xenia Onatopp, Cis-Girl Cuck Fantasies, and Taking Out the President

An Oral History Of Something You Liked

Tennyson's "Ulysses": I Hate My Living, Useful Son

More Dirtbag Catullus

Where'm Jemmiskints?

Reactions I Have Had While Watching The Final Six Episodes of "The Americans," Without Having Seen Any Previous Episodes of "The Americans"

What Is Frasier?

How To Play Video Games For The First Time In Fifteen Years

Oh, No! You're Religious Again!

Welcome To 1961: Here Are Your Tight Little Male Accessories

It's Time For Some Prop Work! It's Time For Some Stage Direction!

Tuesday Open Thread

Monday Mutual Aid and Open Thread

Where To Go For Vibes

"Sit at home as in paradise": The Rule of St Romuald and the Terror of Perpetual Prayer

Absalom's Defeat and Death

I'm Absolutely Listening Right Now

"I Think You Should Leave": Honk If You're Dysphoric – And I'm Always Honking

We're On A Journey! We're On A Road To Nowhere!

The Boxcar Children, Part V: Gimme Shelter

"I can tell you that John loves gays and transgenders": Further Remarks on Menlo Church

Doing Something You Dislike? Have You Tried Paying Less Attention?

Oh No! They Grew Back

My Guardian? An Impossible Man! And Yet He Always Maintains The Upper Hand, In A Fashion At Once Exasperating and Masterful...Can It Be I Enjoy His Provocations? Surely Not!

Watch My Book Launch Event, "A Conversation at the Strand" Now! For Free and Everything

Teen Angels: Heaven Help Us

You Are In The Corridor Discovering Your Own Desires! It Is The Eighteenth Century, And You Mustn't – And Sir Charles Is Coming! What Will You Do, You Gay Ruffian?

Portrait Of Two Trans Buddies Overheating

How It Feels To Eat Potato

The Sexiest Lines From "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" Gracefully Compiled For You

The Problem With Boys When You Don't Know You Might Be One Yet, Between The Ages of Roughly Twelve and Twenty-Nine

My Book Is Out Tomorrow!

I Just Met Someone And She's Nothing Like My Bandmates

Thoughts on a Phone Call


Fear of the Drudge and Playing to the Gallery: What's Sexy About Butches Doing Laundry?

"Since you seem to be so fond of the boys’ company we shall indulge your taste for it this afternoon": Forced-Masc Fantasies in Anne of Green Gables

I've Got The Hair Cutts Fever – All Day Long Men Think About Haircuts

The First Transition and the Order of Melchizedek

Why Everyone In Les Mis Is A Trans Man: Here's All Of Them

Eastenders and the Solution of Plot

I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You – I'm A Redwall Mouse

You Are In Prison Awaiting God And England's Judgments! Are You Truly Joan of Arc?

The Lais of Marie de France: Bisclavret, or The Were-Wolf

The Straightforward Appeal of Picard

The Cilantro-Eater

What The Tarot Means For You Right Now

"It Feels Like Someone Died" But Someone Actually Didn't: An Excerpt

The Blair Witch Project and the Men's Room

The Deal With Mr. Wilson

Every Popular History Bestseller That Hits American Bookstores Two Years After Its UK Debut

Wanting To Sound Like Everyone Else On The Phone

Shane and Jenny and Jo and Amy